Sunday, 27 April 2014

Irish fun - better late than never :)

I meant to blog about this ages ago but hey, time flies :)

So here are some St Paddy day activities a little late.

We started the day with a grammar hunt - those mischievous leprechauns hid our test AGAIN! (But they also left gold chocolate coins on all our desks so we forgave them :) )

Find it HERE

After recess we did our annual Leprechaun math project - creating a party for the leprechauns.

We shopped at the Rainbow shopping mall, bought supplies, stayed within a budget...

... added up the cost of our party...

... colored our supplies and decorations...

... and decorated the Great Hall for the party!

We finished the day by making fraction fruit loop necklaces. The students had to work out fractions of a group in order to thread their fruit loops onto the string in order. 

So there you are - some Irish fun. A little late :)

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