Sunday, 24 November 2013


Our school is a Round Square school (you can read about what that means here) and just recently my class repeated our class assembly on the Round Square IDEALS for the Secondary department.

They did a fantastic job - although they all said they were very nervous to perform in front of "the big kids"!

The IDEALS of Round Square stand for:







I loved my kids art work for this - they took their time and produced some amazing pictures.

On the Roman front we've moved on to making our shields and swords. Each of the three classes in Grade 3 are making slightly different shields so that when we start our mock battle we can tell which legion we belong to.

My class voted to be Legio LXXXVII or Legion 87. Why? Because a few of them are still 7 but most of them are now 8 years old. :)

Our swords are still under construction but are becoming suitably gory with pre-shed blood. :)

This week we'll finish up our Thanksgiving math project and move onto winter-themed stuff.

I can't believe it's almost December!!! This year is just FLYING by!!

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