Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Problems in the garden...

I know I've been saying how glorious the weather has been here in Scotland ad infinitum this summer but it really has been gorgeous. Today is yet another blue sky, sunny day and I feel like being nice :)

My mom's garden is just wonderful - full of lavender and lilies and lobelia and tons of fat bumblebees. I've been inspired to create some Math stuff with a garden theme and just finished the first project. :)

I think it's pretty - and it will make a nice Spring activity/center station for my kiddies this year.

So... if anyone is looking for theoretical garden problems (because no-one REALLY wants the real problems that come with gardening - bugs, weed, flooding etc. :) ) then use the link below to collect your goody.

And enjoy :)

Pick up your copy HERE :)

Plus stay tuned for another open-ended Math Project coming soon - and with a fun Spring/Garden theme as well :)

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