Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Getting ready for school - sort of :)

With only a couple of weeks left until I head back home and then into school to look at my classroom I've started thinking about cute stuff. :)

Cute stuff being birthday presents for the kiddies, labels, little rock magnet reading buddies - that sort of thing. The fun little things that I can do right now before I start thinking about books and supplies and all the serious planning.

I always do a small birthday present for my kiddies on their birthday (or, in the case of the summer kids - as close to it as I can manage) My first year in the classroom I made the first birthday child a crown - personalized and glittered to death. It's now a tradition! There are days that I distinctly regret starting this (on a Friday at 5.00 when I suddenly realize that there is a birthday on Monday morning!!) but for the most part it's a lot of fun and it satisfies my creative instinct.

So... crowns. This year I think I'll make half a dozen at a time in advance and then just add the glittery name and bedazzles the night before.

Birthday goodie bags this year will contain an individual survival bracelet (made out of colored parachute silk by my nephew. I'm paying him for these since he's 17 and needs money and I'm sure he'd rather be making cool camouflage ones for his mates instead of rainbow colored girly ones for me :) ) I have one (in black and white) and he made this awesome hot pink dog collar for Bear. You can see her modeling it below :)

Close up of collar :)

I'm also including these magnetic bookmarks that I found in Scotland. They'll definitely be different from the normal ones we find at home and they're big, sturdy and neat. Plus they can put their names inside and then (hopefully) they won't get lost!

A hedgehog, red squirrel, otter and fox - none of which live
in Bermuda but I think the kiddies will like them anyway.

And finally, I have found a whole pile of tiny little flat rocks that I have painted in bright colors, added eyes (and will stick magnets onto once I'm back home) and these will attach onto the kiddies' desks (which are metal on the sides) and can be used for.... oh, I don't know, reading buddies, holding notes, stroking, playing with... I'm not really fussed. I just thought they'd be cute and I know my class of girls (no boys in our school) will love them!

The naked rocks :)
Beginning of beautification

The end product - I think they're cute :)

I've also bought a pack of nice glittery cardboard and am starting to design the cubby labels - I'll probably wait till I'm home to do this properly because I don't want them all squashed (or even worse, LOST) in my luggage. I sort of wish I hadn't let the kids make their own desk labels - have to keep reminding myself that I like the student-created bulletin boards etc. And I do, really! It's just that it's such fun doing it myself as well. I'll have to concentrate on my notices board - maybe I can make that glittery and frilly and satisfy this urge I have this year! :)

So, even though I really don't want to leave Scotland and have had a wonderful summer, school will be here before I know it and it IS kind of fun to be getting ready :)

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