Thursday, 15 November 2012

Hello from Year 4

Blogging is a whole new experience for me but having seen some blogs of fellow teachers around the world - and having viewed their classrooms virtually - I thought it would be fun to post some of my own Year 4 (Grade 3) class projects.
Our school is an all-girls school and I have 16 students this year - a great number for group work and center work :)
We follow the British National Curriculum in Math and Language and incorporate History, Geography and Science into Units of Inquiry - called Topic or Project work. Math and Language often end up in Project work as well - it's a fun way to learn :)

This term we've been doing a unit on Invaders and Settlers and have been studying the Ancient Romans and the Iron Age Celts in Britain. It's a great project and we've been able to use Math and Language skills in lots of interesting ways.

One of my favourite projects was building a Roman Garrison town using symmetry, measurement and nets for 3-D shapes. The girls had a blast creating the buildings, putting up the walls, creating their legion of soldiers and making their own Roman standard for their miniature town.

In our classroom all bulletin board displays are kid-created. We built Rome (and truly, it wasn't built in a day!!)

and a Celtic settlement
(the Roman invasion begins next week!)

And that's my first blog post - I guess I'll figure out all the finer details of posting as time goes on and will look forward to sharing more Fun in the Fours :)

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  1. This is amazing Lynn! Definitely a fun way to learn!