Sunday, 27 April 2014

Irish fun - better late than never :)

I meant to blog about this ages ago but hey, time flies :)

So here are some St Paddy day activities a little late.

We started the day with a grammar hunt - those mischievous leprechauns hid our test AGAIN! (But they also left gold chocolate coins on all our desks so we forgave them :) )

Find it HERE

After recess we did our annual Leprechaun math project - creating a party for the leprechauns.

We shopped at the Rainbow shopping mall, bought supplies, stayed within a budget...

... added up the cost of our party...

... colored our supplies and decorations...

... and decorated the Great Hall for the party!

We finished the day by making fraction fruit loop necklaces. The students had to work out fractions of a group in order to thread their fruit loops onto the string in order. 

So there you are - some Irish fun. A little late :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

The Joys of Spring Break!

Beautiful weather - sunshine and cool breezes;

Spring flowers and happy dogs;

A very productive day in the kitchen - in the hopes of keeping my husband satisfied for a few days!!

Veggie pot pie :)

Spinach and potato curry going into the freezer for
husbandly snack attacks when I go back to school.

Staple food :)

And finally... the FIRST HOT CROSS BUNS of the season!! Woot! Woot!

Time for some tea and a snack in the sunshine :)

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Easter/Spring Productivity

I LOVE the holidays! I love it when it's sunny but cool with a nice breeze so I can go walking and still feel comfortable; I love it that my mom is visiting for a month and I can spend a lot of quality time with her; I love it that I have been super productive and have made 4 ( I mean, FOUR!!) resources this week.

Must be the Spring air - I am normally not this productive.

Anyway, I am very pleased with my new resources so I thought that I would shamelessly showcase them today in case anyone is looking for some seasonal math stuff for the next two weeks :)


These two little packs have 24 themed word problems covering a range of operations (both one and multiple-step) and come in three different formats (color task cards, b & w task cards and printables)

I've also made a summer set which will go with the winter set that I already did a while back. Just autumn to go to have a whole year of POTD packs for my kiddies.

And for those people who, like me, love open-ended projects here's a fun critical thinking resource for the season.


This was FUN to make!! And my kiddies, who are now experts on open-ended projects, will love it.

Roll on Easter! I am ready for my hot cross buns, fish cakes and kite-flying!!!